What’s new is your view!

Happy to share this interesting read on Forbes :

The Top 10 Trends Driving Marketing In 2017

Honestly the article does not contain information that we don’t already know. So don’t expect to find the success mantra or the next big thing for your marketing campaign. But you will certainly receive a fresh view of how you can use the marketing channels and tools to the fullest to achieve your marketing goals. I really found this helpful, especially the emphasis on using video content for marketing. I truly believe that customers “listen” to what they see!

The article also talks about data driven marketing that surely helps in making promotions intelligent, accurate and personal. But I feel big data is just one side of the story (no doubt a rather important side) . Small Data or what we commonly know as market/consumer insights are still a cornerstone of formulating a path breaking marketing strategy for any company.

Small Data by Martin Lindstromย ย is a collection of case studies that ingrains the importance of on-ground research and reading between the lines to crack the code. Eager to share key takeaway from this amazing book and that’s most likely going to be my next post. Stay tuned and keep sharing.