Can you train yourself to be creative?

8 Behaviors of Successful Creatives

Read this article on LinkedIn and it got me thinking…

It reminded me of the aptitude test i took way back in school to figure out my strong and weak skill sets and make a career choice basis the outcome. I clearly remember having scored below average in the creative section and it just shook my idea of myself.

Well i am presently in a field which i consider creative, marketing. I tried to be an engineer which was supposed to be a befitting career for me but you don’t wanna know how that went 😛

But i still can’t get this thought out of my mind. can we train ourselves to be creative?! and if so, who can measure if i am more creative than the rest? because for me i can be creative while making a cup of tea or snoozing the morning alarm or even for calling in sick for work! I think there are kinds of being creative and one should be very clear about it before talking or discussing about it.

i have my reasons.



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Sonali Shome

Born > Sell > Die That's life! And now that you are born and not too keen to reach the end...let's talk about selling :D I am Sonali Shome, a marketing enthusiast who feels that the art of marketing and selling extends way beyond your professional 9-5 routine. It is a constant learning process and you gotta watch out for what's new. I hold an MBA in marketing and have 5 years of professional experience in marketing, corporate communications, sales and business development strategy across multiple industry sectors in Asia & Middle East markets. Currently in Doha, Qatar, I continue to explore and learn new lessons in marketing and this blog is a chronicle of sorts to share what I learn. Hope you like it!

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