Its Time to Go “Soci-yell”



MBA in marketing inundates you with the facts and figures of how the whole world (in some way or the other) is on a marketing spree! And one such floodgates that opened for us a whole new “virtual” dimension of marketing, but only to make it ever so real, is Social Media Marketing. I was so intrigued by the sheer essence of this subject that I had to put to word my perspective about social marketing (it just so happened that it somehow measured my participation in the course :P). As we try to fathom in each session how the dot com has webbed us in literal sense, it also helped me connect some dots that otherwise would have never come to me.

A month ago, I did a marketing stint of selling farm produce in the city. It was, in galactic terms, making two parallel universe meet! The rural producers who had no clue what marketing is…let alone social media marketing and there was the urban consumer who would care to know only if you are on a flat screen. One of these days when I was desperately trying to find a market linkage for this product, I almost wowed a store manager. It’s simple I thought, 4P check…7M check…squeeze in AIDA for special effects and job well done. But then he asked, ” Whats the website again?? I have to search this stuff”. As you might have guessed the deal was off the table and what followed was pretty dramatic but there’s his one statement that made me revisit this whole incident…”No website, how do I know you guys even exist for real”

At that point of time I wanted to pinch him so he would know I am for real…but thankfully we are also taught people management in MBA. But today when I think…this statement holds a lot of gravity. Social Media in present day is a feeble force  that keeps your marketing plan intact. Be it the voluminous participation, the expansive reach or its contagious effect, social media has gone miles ahead from merely facilitating interconnection to being a mass establishment that validates your existence in many curious ways. It also justifies itself in doing so! while you may take your time to get on board…its unimaginable how fast a quarter of the world has moved on. So if you don’t want to be known or heard here…seriously nobody cares. The question that lingers is what about the extreme end of the spectrum who are lapse away from catching up with this sonic revolution? Is it just about surfing the wave and not waiting for the high tide?


SM_Struck, Sonali 






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Sonali Shome

Born > Sell > Die That's life! And now that you are born and not too keen to reach the end...let's talk about selling :D I am Sonali Shome, a marketing enthusiast who feels that the art of marketing and selling extends way beyond your professional 9-5 routine. It is a constant learning process and you gotta watch out for what's new. I hold an MBA in marketing and have 5 years of professional experience in marketing, corporate communications, sales and business development strategy across multiple industry sectors in Asia & Middle East markets. Currently in Doha, Qatar, I continue to explore and learn new lessons in marketing and this blog is a chronicle of sorts to share what I learn. Hope you like it!

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